Announcement Submissions


Our weekly email bulletin is one the best tools for promoting events, programs, and church needs. Content is intended to be current, highlighting events within two weeks. Rich in website links, it is designed to encourage readers to forward the email to friends and to interact with our website. It is distributed on Fridays.

Brief Printed Announcements:

These are included in the Order of Service every Sunday. We do not put “advertising” flyers in the Order of Service except on very rare occasions and then only with the Senior Minister’s advance approval. Similarly, flyers are NOT to be handed out at the door. As with other publications, we must restrict the printed announcements to those relating to church activities or events sponsored or supported by First Church.

Brief Spoken Announcement:

You may request your printed announcement be verbally highlighted during the Sunday service, by checking the box on the submission form. The office assistant will forward the request to the minister preaching on Sunday. The minister will choose two announcements to highlight verbally during the service.


The deadline for both e-nnouncements and printed Order of Service announcements is 9:00 a.m. on Thursday. Sorry, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

Word Count Guideline:

Announcement are limited to 100 words. If you have additional information please include links to other websites.