All Church Emergency Evacuation Drill

Once a drill is announced, all floors of the church will be evacuated, including RE classes and the nursery. We need to evacuate the building in under three minutes, and be able to account for everyone, so please walk briskly. Your cooperation is needed and

Please follow these directions:

  1. Exit out the Astor Street doors at the rear of the Sanctuary.
  2. Turn right and walk east on Ogden around the building and across the alley —toward Humboldt. Gather in front of Abbott Row (the row houses on Ogden).
  3. Everyone needs to be past the alley to conclude the drill.
  4. Please keep to the left on Ogden; children will be directed to stay to the right.
  5. Please stay in front of Abbott Row until the “all-clear” is sounded, then return for coffee, etc.


  • Parents —do NOT go downstairs to get your children —that will block their exits!
  • After the drill, children will return to their classrooms. They will be signed-out or dismissed as per usual for their class room at 10:30a.m. or 12:30 p.m.
  • Anyone who has difficulty walking, or with stairs, will be assisted by ushers.