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Social Justice

Citizens Climate Lobby constituent letters

By Terry Wiggins and Mark Gill, Co-Leaders of Earth Justice Ministry


As supporters of the non-partisan Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), the Earth Justice Ministry (EJM) will make constituent letters available at the Social Justice Table during the month of October. The letters will be photocopied and delivered in person, to our Senators and Representatives in D. C. These forms give you the opportunity to fill in blanks and tell what your concerns are about climate change, and to check boxes asking them either (1) to work with Citizens’ Climate Lobby to enact a revenue-neutral fee on carbon that is rebated back to the American people, or (2) Make the enactment of effective climate change legislation by the next Congress one of your highest priorities, or (3) Other.


Similarly, there are two Community Leaders Letter forms, to be signed by representatives of organizations which agree on either the CCL legislative proposal or the need for strong action. Perhaps you can gain the support of your organization to sign a letter.


First Church member Terry Hansen, who is co-chair of the Milwaukee Chapter of CCL, will be at the table most October Sundays to guide the process. The chapter was founded at First Church and meets here, usually on the second Saturday of the month.

Donkeys & Elephants
In the lead-up to the November Election, EJM will be providing scorecards rating Wisconsin senators and representatives on their legislative votes pertaining to environmental- and conservation-related issues. They will be from organizations to which EJM members belong, such as the League of Conservation Voters.

EJM Meetings
Once again, EJM has decided to meet usually on the first Sundays of the month at 12:15 p.m. The meetings are open to all who wish work with EJM. You may also just observe to learn what we do.



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