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Social Justice

Community Center for Immigrants-STP Jan 2024

The Community Center for Immigrants (CCI) is our January Share the Plate partner. CCI promotes integration into American society by providing educational, legal, and social services to Milwaukee’s immigrant and refugee community. Through English and civics classes and holistic support services, clients gain the skills necessary to attain citizenship, find employment, access community resources, and support their children’s education.

Currently there are 9 million immigrants in the United States who are eligible for citizenship, but only 10% apply each year. CCI believes everyone should have access to citizenship and CCI’s affordable immigration legal services are designed to meet the need for low-income refugee families.

For more information, visit CCI’s website:

Contribute securely online at this link. Or mail or bring your check to First Church made payable to “Community Center for Immigrants.” We’ll forward your contribution to CCI. Please be generous in your support.

Lynde Uihlein, STP Committee Member

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