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Social Justice

Our Earth Day Commitments

By Tree Moore

After Earth Day Sunday services on April 23, sixty seven congregants made commitments toward healing Earth and its creatures.

  • Food and water – We have 8 new organic gardeners (no pesticides) along with rain barrels and 6 serious composters and worm bin operators, a possible chicken owner, and a dozen folks will boost bees through perennials, bee hotels, and local honey.
  • Transportation – There were several walkers, 4 bus riders, and 9 serious bicyclists (one biker commits to riding 800 miles, an equivalent of 2 tanks of gas.) Bicyclists can find safe routes by calling Claude at 414-481-9881. We have one new Prius purchase, a couple of folks will drive less, one vote for being without a car (renting, sharing, or using a taxi.)
  • Energy – Energy use included not using electricity one day a week. One will purchase solar panels, someone is willing to push a hand mower (no fuel used and great exercise), and there will be the purchase of second hand clothes plus using a clothes line for drying.
  • Habits and Attitudes – Examples include: seeing life as a precious gift, communing with nature, reducing waste of water, food, and energy. Others supported shopping with cloth bags at local farmer’s markets. Some will be politically active until things change.

We had many quality responses! Yet, with current plans for pipelines, drilling, and fracking, combined with the serious and urgent predictions of 97% of climate scientists, we are being challenged to do more. Are UUs up to being not only inconvenienced and uncomfortable but possibly arrested for civil disobedience? For the sake of the earth, may we be creative, courageous and hopeful in our response to the challenge.

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