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Forge Our Future

Endowment Fund Task Force (EFTF) Update

Looking ahead the next few weeks, our team will be engaging in a series of meetings with Reverend Jennifer and members of our Board of Trustees to share with them, and get feedback on, our findings and recommendations regarding the governance of the endowment fund and the selection of an investment advisor.

Wading through legalese and financials scenarios on spreadsheets might not be one’s idea of a fun way to spend a summer, but we have been rolling up our shirtsleeves and digging in during the brief interludes between vacations. Apart from the legal and financial aspects of our assignment, top of mind for the team is the objective of protection of principal, a promise that was made to you in our Forge Our Future campaign, and one that we intend to keep.

Members on the EFTF team include, in alpha order:  Dave Becker, George Bledsoe, Tom Briscoe, Elizabeth Lentini, Ron Oshima, and Kathy Rivera.

Ron Oshima, EFTF Member


Learn about the Forge Our Future endowment campaign at this web page.

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