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Endowment Fund Task Force Update – Nov. 2023

The Endowment Fund Task Force (EFTF) is happy to report that it has made great progress and is ready to move on to the next step. Representatives of the team will be presenting the following items to the Board of Trustees for discussion on October 24:

  1. A final draft of the trust fund agreement to govern the purpose and management of the endowment with oversight by appointed trustees of the endowment. Much thought was invested in maintaining proper checks and balances in the administration of the endowment. Real life examples and scenarios raised by our trust lawyer and other UUA congregations also informed our approach.
  2. A presentation of three of the four investment management firms we investigated. The Board expressed a desire to see and discuss the range of alternatives that the EFTF came up with.

Ron Oshima, EFTF member

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