Ends Statements

We, the people of First Church, build community where we:

  1. Value, develop, and celebrate the gifts that come from authentic connection across difference, emphasizing racial, ethnic, and generational difference.
  2. Recognize power differences and challenge injustice where it arises.
  3. Follow the leadership of people most affected by injustice, partnering to move the Milwaukee community toward justice.
  4. Generously give and receive support, connection, and care in times of joy and challenge.
  5. Promote Unitarian Universalism and our shared values in the world.
  6. Open ourselves to wonder, making ourselves vulnerable and available to find meaning, inspiration, and transformation.
  7. Create communal experiences celebrating our interconnectedness.
  8. Create accessible, courageous, and innovative welcome to people who might find a sense of belonging and a spiritual home with us.

These Ends Statements were developed by the Board of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, based on input from church members, in fall 2017.


What do the Ends Really Mean?

Now that we have the Ends, it is time to move towards realizing them! This is the work of the shared ministry of the church, led by our ministers, staff, staff-led teams, and member-led ministries. The ministers and staff have worked to interpret what it will look like to realize these Ends through the ministries of the church. If you want to read more about what will become true through our shared ministry to make these Ends real, see the Interpretations at the links below:

Interpretations, Ends Statements, 1-4

Interpretations, Ends Statements, 5-8