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Feast Your Eyes on the Feast For Funds Silent Auction

There are some gatherings where you look back and savor the memory of your time together many times over. A chocolate tasting party that my wife Laura and I hosted several years ago brought excitement to the attendees, and positive comments well after the event was over. It started with a small idea because we wanted to participate in the Feast for Funds silent auction to help our congregation and build community.

Feast for Funds is back this year! You can contribute to this great event in several ways. How about supporting a restaurant or store by donating a gift card, along with a brief description of why you love that place? You can consider a themed dinner. The “Yooper Dinner” is legendary. A pesto making demonstration was full of good food and conversation. I remember a party with delicious food and stories from the Greek Islands, and a taco party where I met someone in my line of work who I might not otherwise have met. If you have a vacation home with a weekend to loan out, bidders love these getaway options.

Be a part of shared memories and submit your donation today online or at coffee hour. Feast for Funds consultants will be available to discuss ideas and a plan. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the auction!

Scot Henry, Feast for Funds Team Chair

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