Fundraiser Request Process

The purpose of the review and procedure outlined below is to ensure that fundraising continues to align with the spirit and direction of First Church and to ensure that our Sunday morning Coffee Hour retains its fellowship spirit.
The Board of Trustees agreed in January, 2000 that committees, coordinators, and individuals considering fundraising activities will submit this Fundraiser Request Form for approval by the Board of Trustees as soon as possible following a decision to conduct a fundraiser.Please note that money raised by a committee must be spent for the purpose stated on your form below. Also, any money from the fundraiser remaining unspent at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) goes to the general church operating funds.

The procedure:

  • Please submit requests for approval on this form as soon as possible prior to the fundraising event. It will be most helpful if requests are submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • Please submit your request on this web form.  Or if you don’t have access to the Internet, any staff person can help you get a hard copy form from the administrative office.
  • Upon recommendation of the staff, and sometimes the Stewardship Committee, the Board of Trustees’ Fundraising Request Subcommittee will evaluate and approve fundraising requests and provide status reports to the Board. If warranted, it may take a request to the next full Board meeting for consideration and approval. Please note that this may delay the approval process. In most cases, the requestor will receive a response within four weeks from initiating the request.
  • Someone from the Fundraising Request Subcommittee will email, call or speak with you as soon as possible to give approval.
  • The requestor may appeal any denied request to the Board of Trustees.
  • Be sure to reserve a room for your fundraiser and arrange for any facilities needs, if the event takes place at First Church. Call 414-273-5257.
  • The requesting individual or committee treasurer must report the dollar amount raised for charity to the church treasurer shortly after the event, so that FUSM can accurately reflect the amount we raise for charity annually.
  • The following annual Fundraisers have been pre-approved and must only be re-submitted for approval if the usual time of year planned for the event has drastically changed, or if the intended beneficiary of the fund-raising has changed. All other requests should be made using the form above.
    Late October—November
    Children’s RE related
    Youth-run Fundraiser Event
    Youth Group
    Mission trip
    UUSC Guest-at-Your-Table
    Social Justice Council
    FrUUit & NUUts Sale
    Public Radio Sponsorships
    Fair Trade Bazaar
    Sunday after Thanks-giving
    Economic Justice
    Various-must be approved by Fundraising Com. each year
    Bagel Sales
    On-going (weekly)
    Youth Group
    Youth Group
    Samaritan Sunday
    On-going (monthly)
    Social Justice Council
    Dessert Auction
    May (Mother’s Day)
    Youth Group
    Youth Group
    Used Book Sale
    Book Sales Tower Committee
    Feast for Funds October-November Feast for Funds/Stewardship Committee FUSM
    Scrip Sales Variable Scrip Sales/Stewardship Committee FUSM
    Giving Tree Collections December DRE + Appropriate Committee Various