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Help Membership this Year

When newcomers come to our churches they are already on board with Unitarian Universalism. They have been on our website, understand we are a liberal faith and know they want to explore being a part of this community. The question they have when they visit is how they will feel here?

Will they feel welcome here? Will they feel a sense of belonging?

For most of us here, the answer is an easy YES! It’s why we became a part of this community. But then each of us has a reason (or multiple ones) of why that has been true – from luck, to personality, to common culture, to perseverance perhaps learned from previous church experience. The Membership Team knows we can do better at deepening our welcome and widening the avenues of connection. We are creating a Welcome Team and an Engagement Team to focus each. We need more help though.

If you are willing to chat-up newcomers, eat pizza with recent new members, e-mail guests or organize low-key gatherings we need you! If you are outgoing, insightful, creative, organized, a doer, or a dreamer, we need you. We need all kinds of talents and gifts helping Membership this year. Please join us!

Contact me, Lynne Jacoby, to find a role helping Membership.

Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator

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