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Social Justice

Join the Anti-Racism Team at Dr. MLK Day Celebration on Jan. 15

First Church’s Anti-Racism Team wants you to know we’ve been delightfully busy. We have been in conversation with one another and many of you to get more thoughts and ideas for how we at First Church can continue to be proactive in combatting racism in any form.

While taking on this serious endeavor, we find ourselves having belly-laughs and fun, because we have bonded with each other and find ourselves in a trusting comfort zone that allows us to “keep it real” and discuss hard truths that face us all. That’s why I sometimes think of us as the “Anti-Racism Social Club!”

For 2024, we are planning fun and participatory learning activities, for adults, families, and kiddos, in which we hope our FUSM community will participate.

The first activity is:

A Dr. Martin Luther King Day Holiday Celebration at THE TABLE. 

January 15, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 5305 W. Capitol Dr.

“The Table” is the name of the space envisioned and created by Venice Williams (Alice’s Garden, Fondy Market) to engage conversations around topics that enhance our spirituality and our lives.

Join me, Reverend Jennifer, George Bledsoe, Marisa Riepenhoff and others at this Celebration in honor of Dr. King’s legacy in pursuing anti-racism in our country.

We will gather in front of THE TABLE at 9:45 am on Dr. King Day. Meet us then or feel welcome to join us at any time during the activity!

Please put Monday, January 15, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, on your calendar.


Look for more cool Anti-Racism activities coming in 2024! For more info or questions feel free to contact me: Debra Klepp.

Debra Klepp, Anti-Racism Team


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