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Thank you to our members and friends!

In this new year, we are full of joy and gratitude for the generous spirit of our First Church community. Members and friends have been phenomenal with their willingness to accept visits and share their gifts. We are grateful for the collective generosity of this community and appreciate gifts at all levels.

Opportunities to contribute to the Forge Our Future endowment will be ongoing. We will periodically update you as to the progress of building the Forge Our Future legacy. Being part of something long-term and larger than each of ourselves has been profound, and we look forward to that continuing far into the future.

In addition, we all need to ensure that our annual pledges are submitted regardless of whether we made an endowment pledge. Our annual pledges are essential to maintaining current church operations.

Thank you to Forge Our Future volunteers!

The Forge Our Future Steering Committee and the large team of volunteer visitors are to be commended for their time, hard work and deep commitment to visit every household over the last several months. You have modeled “authentic connection” and inspired our entire First Church community! We look forward to celebrating the success of this campaign on Sunday, February 5.

Mark Chambers & Holly Patzer
Forge Our Future Team Co-Chairs

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