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Social Justice

Lea Morris & Climate Justice Revival Coming this Fall

Save the Date: Oct. 5-6

How can our climate work and all our social justice work be:

  • Less isolated, more connected?
  • Less anxious, more nourishing?
  • Less limited, more visionary?

Join us for a national UU Climate Justice Revival weekend offering inspiring collective worship, creative learning, and new frameworks at the intersection of climate and justice. We’ll have a chance to weave together the threads that always link our deepest commitments. The Revival will equip UU congregations to enter a new era of climate action—one that intentionally and faithfully breaks down silos and cultivates relationships leading to flourishing collaborations that transform our congregations.

First Church will hold our revival October 4-5 when we will have Lea Morris, beloved musician of pandemic-time services, here for the Morter Lecture. Many UU Congregations will do this UU program in late September.

Do you often find yourself ready to throw up your hands overwhelmed at what feels like immovable obstacles of government inaction, public apathy, and odds stacked against people?

That’s why this Climate Revival is critical…. What bolsters me is our shared faith, which holds us in values of justice and equity. What gives me hope is the innovation, creativity, and ingenuity that is emerging all around us. What gives me strength is the power that we amass when we come together to build a new way.”  ~~Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon, River Road UU Congregation

Terry Wiggins
Co-Chair, Earth Justice Ministry

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