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Social Justice

Marching Towards Justice

by Cesar Cornier, Social Justice Coordinator

March is a month with many interesting national days. In fact,   in March we have National Grammar Day, National Cold Cuts Day, National Oreo Cookie Day, National Plant a Flower Day, and even National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day. Though I’d take National Napping Day as my favorite choice there is also another one that stuck out to me, National Good Samaritan Day. I found it very interesting that it was on the same day as National Blame Someone Else Day, March 13.

When I think of the message in the parable of the Good Samaritan, I think of one embracing values of inclusivity and selflessness. Not only did the Good Samaritan stop to help the injured stranger down the road, but he continued in caring for the man’s well-being in making sure he was taken into an inn. At that time the path from Jerusalem to Jericho was known as “Bloody Pass,” because of its danger and difficulty due to robbers in the area. Though he could have been set up in stopping to help, the Good Samaritan found greater purpose on his journey and instead of just walking past as many others did prior, he decided to act on love. He knew what the possible fate would have been of the man if he had not intervened, and realized he had the power, the privilege, to make a difference in helping another person.

When I think about the current societal attitude, I see more isolation and polarization. I think our daily choices reflect how we want to see the world, either inviting or exclusive. We can either put the blame, or help, on someone else or we can help liberate those who just need support. It is up to us, if we want to march towards, or walk away from justice. If you are interested in working towards social justice, stop by the Social Justice Table on Sunday where I’d be happy to direct to you to some exciting groups and events coming up!




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