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Social Justice

Share the Plate April-Metro Mke Fair Housing Council

Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council (MMFHC) is a non-profit organization promoting fair housing throughout the state of Wisconsin by combating illegal housing discrimination and by creating and maintaining racially and economically integrated housing patterns.

The COVID-19 pandemic increased by 40% the number of complaints filed by persons who believe they have been discriminated against. People of color, women, households with children, non[1]cisgender and people with disabilities have increasingly faced housing discrimination. MMFHC’s assistance ensures greater housing stability and reduces homelessness for all these populations.

April is Fair Housing Month which began in April 1968 following Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. In 2022, MMFHC along with 20 other fair housing organizations across the United States reached a $53 million settlement with Fannie Mae, who maintained and marketed its foreclosed homes in predominately white neighborhoods while allowing similar homes in communities of color to fall into disrepair. It is this type of institutional change, as well as the day-to-day assistance to individuals and families in finding fair housing that MMFHC works toward. For more information, visit their website at

Contribute securely online at this link or mail or bring your check to First Church made payable to “MMFHC.” We’ll forward your contribution to MMFHC.

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