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Social Justice

Single-Use Plastics – Yikes!

Do you know that Earth Justice Ministry partners with Plastic-Free MKE to help reduce single use plastics? If you already know the need to reduce plastics, consider volunteering with Plastic-Free (P-F) at, and click the “tabling” box. Name FUSM/EJM in the “What else should we know about you?” section.

Need more reasons to reduce usage of plastic? Read Year of No Garbage: Recycling Lies, Plastic Problems, and One Woman’s Journey to Zero Waste by Eve Schaub (available at Milwaukee Public Library). Some lies that she names:

  • Plastic is not really recyclable.
  • “Single stream” recycling is a lie.
  • “Compostable” plastics are mostly lies, with one exception.
  • Forget one giant ocean garbage patch, there are five.
  • Plastic drives climate change.
  • Plastic is racist.
  • Plastics do not break down – or go away – ever.
  • Plastics are in our air, water, and food. Also, our bloodstream, poop, and the placenta of newborn infants.
  • There aren’t seven kinds of plastic as recycling symbols indicate; there are tens of thousands, all largely untested for effects on human health.

Join Earth Justice Ministry in spreading the word about plastic problems. Also, join in tabling or volunteering with P-F at community events. Sign up at the Social Justice Table.

Terry Wiggins, Earth Justice Ministry member


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