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Social Justice

Sustainable Business Guide Available Online

by Amy Monahan.

As a member of the Earth Justice Ministry at First Unitarian Society, I was busy this last church year working on a guide to “sustainable” businesses in Milwaukee, and would like to share it with you and hope that you will pass it on. My goal was to identify consumer-oriented businesses in the area so that people might be able to find goods and services at locations who, in one way or another, are trying to be “green.” I also had an “ask” in a letter I mailed to each business that was included in the guide. The “ask” was to contact their government officials at any level and let them know that they would like to see more governmental action taken to protect our endangered planet.

It was a very exciting project to work on. I learned a lot about how a wide variety of businesses can take steps to be sustainable. There are many certifications I was unaware of that identify “green” businesses. Many Milwaukee area businesses have been leaders in becoming “green” and advancing ideas on how other businesses might do the same. In many cases, it helps their bottom line! I am hoping that the guide might create a ripple effect – encouraging more people to support businesses who do try to mitigate their environmental impact and also encouraging other businesses to do the same. Please use the guide.

The inside back cover provides a place for people to suggest other businesses or changes to the information already presented. If there is interest, I will update the guide once every year or two.

You can find the Sustainable Business Project here:


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