Testimonial – Holly Patzer

Member of FUSM since 2011 and Co-Chair Forge Our Future campaign

Holly Patzer

I have been a member of First Church since 2011. I wanted a spiritual home and a sense of connection and community, along with a liberal faith. I found it here. Enjoying music is important to my wellbeing so I was happy to experience a variety of musical talent at our church. And I love it when the House Band plays! 

When I was asked to be a co-chair of our Forge Our Future campaign, I was honored and knew that I needed to say YES! I believe we have a responsibility to support our church and ensure our long-term sustainability and legacy. We also have an opportunity to enhance and create new ministries to grow a diverse and adaptable church built for the future. But this campaign is about more than money. I have been surprised how much I enjoy doing the personal visits, both via Zoom and in-person. Making authentic connections, especially after the last few years of distant worship and relationships, has been incredibly affirming to me.  

I am grateful to be part of a church focused on our future of generosity and abundance.