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It’s That Time Again – Buy Your Fruits and Nuts Now!

By Bruce Wiggins, Denominational Affairs Coordinator

Each year the Southeast Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist Congregations (SEWUUC) sponsors the selling of delicious chocolates, nuts, dried fruits and snacks. It’s been the main vehicle by which we raise funds to purchase spots on local Public Radio stations. These ads direct listeners to the SEWUUC website which in turn directs visitors to individual congregations in the region.

Now, back to those delicious treats! Choose between the delicious choices of milk and dark chocolate options of nuts coated in chocolate, Equal Exchange bars, or chocolate covered pretzels! In many cases our prices are lower than what you would pay even when buying in bulk. Don’t forget about the salty snacks and dried fruit too! There truly is something for everyone. Don’t forget about giving a bag or two as a special gift during the holidays.

The order form is ready and you can pick one up during October at the Member Services Table during coffee hour, at the table in the hallway, on the church website, or by contacting me via phone or email (my contact information is in the church directory.) Orders need to be turned in by Sunday, November 5. Distribution will begin in early December. SEWUUC thanks you for your support. We know you will enjoy all the treats!

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