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Social Justice

Ways to Help Defend Democracy

Our fifth principle of Unitarian Universalism is the right of conscience and the use of the democratic principle within our congregation and the society at large. We have the opportunity to practice this principle by voting in both the primary election on August 9 and the general election on November 8.

There are a number of candidates running for office and many offices to be filled. Please consult the websites and for information regarding voter registration, absentee ballots, early voting and unbiased information about the candidates.

You can also contact members of the Defend Democracy/UU the Vote team, Kathy Rivera, Nancy Peterson, Juanita Mast or Joan Hansen for more information or to volunteer to help with the get out the vote effort.

There are many opportunities to help including phone calling, letter or postcard writing or helping people to register to vote. Democracy is strongest when all can participate.

Joan Hansen, Defend Democracy / UU the Vote Team

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