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Social Justice

WCS Youth Services Program

Every year, our May Share the Plate recipient is chosen by the children in the RE program. This year they are supporting the Milwaukee Youth Services program which is part of Wisconsin Community Services. Active since 1912, Wisconsin Community Services’ mission is to “advocate for justice and community safety, providing innovative opportunities for individuals to overcome adversity.”

The Milwaukee Youth Services program works with youth who are involved, or at-risk of becoming involved, in the juvenile justice system. They provide assistance with their Community Service and Restitution Coordination Program which allows youth to complete community service hours and gives them the opportunity to pay back their court ordered restitution.

The Youth Services also operates two short term youth shelters. The overall goal of the shelters is to provide youth a safe, nurturing, and well-maintained environment, ensure court appearances, increase school attendance and reduce the likelihood of re-offense. Currently, the young men and the Rashid boys shelter are raising money for the research and painting of a mural inside the shelter, inspired by the beautiful murals that have been painted all over Milwaukee during the global pandemic and movement for racial justice in 2020 and beyond. Their fundraising goal for the mural is $1,500.

To donate specifically to the mural project, use this link:

To donate to the Milwaukee Youth Services Program, use this link and in the drop down menu that reads “Please direct my gift as follows” select “Youth Services”

Dawn Blackmore
Share the Plate Team

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