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Social Justice

You Crushed It Postcard Writers!

The first two Sundays of postcard writing went so well! Although it was Earth Justice Ministry’s plan to lead postcard writing all 4 Sundays of April, it looks like we’ll be finished on Earth Day Sunday, April 21, writing all 1000 postcards in our possession. Keep up the good work.

It’s so important that we will have done our part to activate registered voters to get out and express their voice on election day. 

We may turn our fourth Sunday into a day of just putting the stamps we’ve been able to purchase onto cards we’ve written, while encouraging continued donations for more 53 cent postcard stamps. Then, this first group of postcards will be mailed on July 23, in advance of the Wisconsin August partisan primary election.

We will likely be doing another round of writing for the November election, targeting a new list of Wisconsin registered voters. 

We thank everybody for their participation and patience with the process. We know it’s hard for most UUs to be given a prescribed script and follow it, though we did a pretty good job.

Terry Wiggins, Co-Chair, Environmental Justice Ministry

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