Youth Rehab House in Sherman Park

YRUU Youth

YRUU Youth Help Rehab House in Sherman Park

By Rod DePue

Our high school YRUU youth have now helped Inhabit, Inc. rehab a house on Sherman Park for the second year in a row. Inhabit was started 9 years ago, by Transformation City Church, an urban Christian congregation in the central city. The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom and the Rev. Jason Butler, Lead Pastor at Transformation City, were featured in an article on faith in the January 2017 issue of Milwaukee Magazine, and they both spoke in March at the UU Talks at First Church.

In 2008 Inhabit bought a boarded-up house in Sherman Park, rehabbed it, and several members of their congregation moved in and started getting to know their neighbors. They have worked with Common Ground’s Milwaukee Rising in obtaining homes and rehabbing them and are now working on a plan where people may rent to buy their home, all with the idea of bringing the neighbors and community together.

A big thank you goes out to our YRUU youth for their help in rehabbing another house in Sherman Park!


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