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Category: Religious Education

Simple Summer RE Volunteering

Religious Education

No preparation is needed to volunteer, and the gift of your time and energy makes it possible for our children,… More >

Everyday Awakenings

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

There is a trend on social media that I am rather smitten with. This is how it works. People share… More >

Guest House & RE Sandwich Making Day

Social Justice, Religious Education

On April 10 we are re-awakening our faith by partnering with Guest House to learn about homelessness and hunger in… More >

Renew Our Faith with Sacred Memories

Religious Education

It has been two years since we welcomed young people into our church for any kind of religious education program…. More >

Widen the Circle of Love

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

At first, I attended church the way you might visit Urgent Care. When my heart ached, my spirit was tangled… More >

Volunteer for In-Person RE in February

Religious Education

As we welcome 2022, we welcome a long-anticipated return to being together in our church building, and religious education classrooms… More >

Children’s Book Drive Continues

Social Justice, Religious Education

Thanks to all who donated books in October. Our Book Drive will continue through November. We are partnering with Next… More >

Contribute to the Holiday Pageant 2021

Religious Education, Holiday

Do you recall a remarkable holiday moment? Perhaps it is a beloved family tradition, an act of generosity, or the… More >

Relationships with Intention

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

One of the things I love about the Midwest is our (mostly) decisive seasons. Despite a few welcome wobbling around… More >

Children’s Book Drive for Next Door

Social Justice, Religious Education

We are partnering with Next Door Milwaukee to help serve the needs of families in the city. For 30 years,… More >

A Source of Possibility-Religious Education

Religious Education

Our faith community is both a source and a place of possibility, so despite the constantly rotating restrictions this pandemic… More >

Roots & Wings for Our Children

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

“Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.” Rootedness is a good word for… More >

Witnessing Becoming Last April

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

The words, “witness butterfly metamorphosis at Home,” leapt off the educational catalog into my imagination last April, our first month… More >

Finding a Way Forward for Helping Hands

Social Justice, Religious Education

Lunch Pack & Love March 22. In this past year, we have witnessed people embody a commitment to serve, to… More >

Holiday Community Giving

Social Justice, Religious Education, Holiday

Rev. Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson Spread joy this holiday season through giving and community connections! Though we cannot gather in Coffee… More >

Make Time for Play

Religious Education

by Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson, Director of Religious Education. I have inherited an often-annoying trait from my ancestors, a deeply embedded… More >