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Category: Personal & Spiritual Development

First Sabbatical Pulpit Guest, Rev. Shari Halliday-Quan

Personal & Spiritual Development

After so much Sabbatical committee planning these last few months, we are excited to hear from our first Sabbatical pulpit… More >

Want to Become a Worship Associate? Apply by March 31!

Personal & Spiritual Development

Worship Associates (WA) help lead our Sunday worship services, collaborating with the ministers to reflect on meaning, purpose, and the… More >

Risk Being Fully Known

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

“Church is a place where you get to practice what it means to be human.” — James Luther Adams, Unitarian… More >

Practice Vulnerability in a Place of Trust

Personal & Spiritual Development

When we are acting competent, we may look calm and capable on the surface, while underneath we are paddling frantically… More >

Join First Church’s Own Buddhist Group

Personal & Spiritual Development

I joined the First Church “sangha” about 15 years ago. I had been thinking about it but was a bit… More >

Meet Assistant Sabbatical Minister Rev. Jim Foti

Social Justice, Sunday Sermons, Personal & Spiritual Development

First Church has hired Rev. Jim Foti, a mid-career minister with 10 years of experience in a large Midwestern congregation,… More >

Loving Gift of Sabbatical

Personal & Spiritual Development

It is a gift of love for a congregation to send a minister on sabbatical and it is a gift… More >

Love Is the Ground of Our Faith

Personal & Spiritual Development

Dear First Church,  Love is the ground of our faith as Unitarian Universalists: it is who we are at our… More >

Exciting Sabbatical Pulpit Guests Coming!

Personal & Spiritual Development

During Rev. Jennifer’s February – July sabbatical, we have an exciting line-up of pulpit guests offering new perspectives and wisdom… More >

Finding Our Center, Being Still

Personal & Spiritual Development

Our theme for January, Finding Our Center, makes me think of dance. Dance was the best teacher for me in… More >

Centering the Clay

Personal & Spiritual Development

Finding your center is our theme this first month of the 2023 new year. I am a potter, so my… More >

Spiritual Practice for Holding Our Center

Personal & Spiritual Development

In this new year, what does it look like to find our center? As the world seems to spin faster… More >

Sabbatical as a Gift of Rest

Personal & Spiritual Development, Membership

The word sabbatical comes from the Hebrew word “Sabat” (Sabbath), a day set aside for rest and worship. The practice… More >

Blue Christmas Vespers

Personal & Spiritual Development, Holiday

Wednesday Evening, December 14, 7:00 pm Are you feeling out of synch with the forced happiness of the holidays? Come and… More >

The Wonder of Steadfastness

Religious Education, Personal & Spiritual Development

Often when we think of what piques wonder in us this time of year, the focus is on the mysteries… More >

Pause to Appreciate the Nurturing Dark

Personal & Spiritual Development, Holiday

“If you are going to meditate by candlelight, do not hurry to light the candle,” wrote John Marsh in his… More >