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Category: Personal & Spiritual Development

What Can Theme Circles Do for You?

Personal & Spiritual Development

Church member Mary Gleason describes her enthusiasm: “I have now participated in four different Theme Circles, and it has been… More >

Welcome our New Pastoral Care Provider Coordinator

Personal & Spiritual Development

We are delighted to welcome church member Liz Irwin Moore into the role of Pastoral Care Provider (PCP) Coordinator! Liz… More >

Love, Our Deepest UU Value

Personal & Spiritual Development

Last month, I was privileged to attend General Assembly, the annual conference and business meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association. … More >

Chancel Choir Starts the New Church Year

Social Groups, Personal & Spiritual Development

The Chancel Choir will start up again for the 2022-23 church year with Thursday evening rehearsals on August 25. New… More >

Love as our First Assumption

Personal & Spiritual Development

Sometimes a quote comes at me and rings the bell of my heart, resounding like the meditation bowl we ring… More >

Love Is …

Personal & Spiritual Development

In the first class of the First Church Journey to Membership series, I ask our new members to close their… More >

Special Fundraising-An Invitation to Create Our Future

Personal & Spiritual Development, Membership

We Need Your Bright Minds and Your Love for Our Church!   Over the last few years, our beloved First… More >

Join the OWL Teachers Team

Personal & Spiritual Development, Religious Education

Kids in my class are incredibly sexist and homophobic, as a queer woman how can I feel safe? What is… More >

Knowing Without Words

Personal & Spiritual Development

Last weekend I couldn’t remember the word for socks. I knew I was wearing fabric on my feet. I was… More >

Reconciling Types of Knowing

Personal & Spiritual Development

In my preacher files, I have a folder entitled “knowledge,” into which I throw articles and thoughts about knowing. I… More >

Roe v. Wade Overturned-Pastoral Response

Social Justice, Personal & Spiritual Development

June 25, 2022 Dear Ones, We join you in sadness and anger at the Supreme Court’s decision June 24, 2022… More >

Circle of Hands

Consider Becoming a Theme Circle Facilitator

Personal & Spiritual Development

Do you enjoy our monthly worship themes? Are you called to the ministry of creating a trusting space for reflection… More >

Blessings at PrideFest

Personal & Spiritual Development

I want to share a glimpse of what “Blessed at Pridefest” is, an event I help co-create and host. “Get… More >

Reminders to Celebrate Blessings

Personal & Spiritual Development

My mission as a minister is to be a blessing. To be a blessing, I need to receive and celebrate… More >

Volunteer at PrideFest Blessing Booth

Personal & Spiritual Development

Our local congregations are returning to spread love, joy and affirmation at the Blessed at PrideFest booth, June 3-4 in… More >

Mark the Turning Toward Summer

Personal & Spiritual Development

Summer Solstice lands on June 21 this year, marking the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer…. More >