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Pluralism: Space for a Diversity of Beliefs

Dear First Church Members and Friends, 

This May, we will explore our Unitarian Universalist value of “Pluralism.” People do not need to think alike to love alike, and there is space in our congregations for a diversity of beliefs bound in community by a covenant of care.  

We engage our value of pluralism through the practice of democracy—each person having a voice and vote, in the congregation and in the world! On May 19, we’ll have our First Church annual meeting where we review the business of the church and practice democracy as a congregation. We’ll hear from the Endowment Fund Task Force about the endowment trust and what happens now, along with our usual business.  

May is also the month we’ll choose our final First Church delegates to our national Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual gathering: General Assembly (GA). GA will take place June 20 – 23, and will be completely virtual, so it is accessible to everyone! This year, our faith will take an historic vote on a revision of our shared Unitarian Universalist values and principles, one of which is pluralism. If you want to learn more, or take part, connect with me or Bruce Wiggins, chair of our Denominational Affairs team. 

Let’s put pluralism into practice!  

With love,
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

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