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Reparations: Why Wealth Gap Matters

Social Justice, Black Lives Matter

Black Americans experience disproportionately high rates of unemployment, significantly lower income, overrepresentation among essential workers, and health disparities which include… More >

Widening the Circle of Concern

Social Justice, Black Lives Matter

by Mary Devitt, BLM2WUU Coordinator. UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray’s recent letter called the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change’s report Widening… More >

Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee

Faith in the Streets – Black Lives Matter

Social Justice, Black Lives Matter

Right now, we are witnessing our country shift towards understanding and supporting Black lives. This is a history-changing moment, and… More >

George Floyd said, “I Can’t Breathe”

Social Justice, Black Lives Matter

by Terry Wiggins, Earth Justice Ministry. These three words connect the essence of the three enormous challenges facing Black, Indigenous,… More >

Black Lives Matter

Program the Parks

Social Justice, Black Lives Matter

By Kenyatta Yamel, Black Lives Matter Program the Parks is a grassroots community organization that works with youth and families… More >

White Supremacy Teach-in  

Black Lives Matter, Sunday Sermons, Social Justice

By Kenyatta Yamel, Black Live Matter Committee Leader The First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee is developing a special service for… More >

Institutional White Supremacy

Social Justice, Black Lives Matter

By Celie Koneazny, YRUU youth member White Supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to those of other… More >

Black Lives Matter

Racial Justice Work: What We Risk

Black Lives Matter

By Mary DeVitt [quote]Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.[/quote]  —George Addair Black Lives Matter is… More >

Police Officers

Challenging a Key Misconception about the Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter

By Mary DeVitt The official Black Lives Matter organization publishes a list of 11 Major Misconceptions about the Black Lives… More >

Black Lives Still Matter to Wisconsin UUs

Black Lives Matter

By Mary DeVitt, Leader of Black Lives Matter 55 members of 7 area UU congregations, including First Church, gathered at… More >

Local Black Lives Matter Events Coming in April and May

Black Lives Matter

By Mary Devitt   UUCW Banner Blessing, April 10 UUCW is planning to bless their new Black Lives Matter banner… More >

Black People Matter in Children’s RE

Religious Education, Black Lives Matter

By Jen Twente, Children’s RE Chair and Parent Boy, did we enjoy the conversation in the car on the way… More >

Spoken Word Poetry Performance at Sunday Service

Religious Education, Black Lives Matter, Sunday Sermons

If you missed the January 31 Sunday Service, you missed hearing the word wizardry of Chris Fears and Thomas Leonard as they performed inspiring spoken word poetry. We’re happy to share their piece, “Systems Error,” which was presented in conjunction with our Children’s Religious Education “Black People Matter” program.

Black Lives Matter Resources

Black Lives Matter

Be sure to check out our Black Lives Matter page in our Social Justice section for great local resources and… More >

Ferguson, Social Movements and Gangs: A Guest Post by First Church Member John Hagedorn

Black Lives Matter

I went to Ferguson for the one year commemoration of the murder of Michael Brown. I accompanied my wife and… More >

The One-Year Anniversary of the Shooting of Dontre Hamilton

Black Lives Matter, Social Justice

The one-year anniversary of the shooting of Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park is this Thursday, April 30, 2015. [Post… More >