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Sign Up for Silent Retreat!

Personal & Spiritual Development

Time to take action! Friday, February 16 is the deadline to sign up for the First Church Silent Retreat. Join… More >

The Ministry of Listening

Personal & Spiritual Development

I recall with deep gratitude the times that a friend truly listened to me. Those experiences make me feel loved… More >

Our Shared Humanity Is Sacred

Personal & Spiritual Development

Dear First Church, As we consider our theme of Justice and Equity this month, I invite us to do it… More >

A Special UUA General Assembly June 20-23

Personal & Spiritual Development, Social Justice

All-Virtual Format Vote on UU Principles and Purposes Business-only Registration with a Donation   In a world filled with division… More >

Why Journey?

Personal & Spiritual Development

Unitarian Universalists recognize that individuals, couples, and families are each on their own spiritual and practical journey through life. Sharing… More >

Liberating Love Takes Practice & Patience

Personal & Spiritual Development, Religious Education

“Your children are not your children.” Kahlil Gibran famously wrote in his poem. “They are… Life’s longing for itself.” This… More >

The Universal Energy of Love

Personal & Spiritual Development

Human love is not enough. I guess that is a faith statement. Perhaps it sounds like blasphemy to you, but… More >

Love Can Save Us & Set Us Free

Personal & Spiritual Development

The playwright Tennessee Williams wrote that love saves us, and we must in turn, save it: “The world is violent… More >

In Formation

Personal & Spiritual Development

“In formation.” What a wonderfully complicated phrase! You might read it and think of the military or football. Maybe you’re… More >

What’s Your Comfort with Mystery?

Personal & Spiritual Development

I love mysteries: both the “What happens when we die?” type, and the “Murder She Wrote” type. Like many in… More >

What Mystery Is Calling to You?

Personal & Spiritual Development

One of the elders in the church I grew up in said that her first encounter with mystery as a… More >

Silent Retreat 2024, Register Now

Personal & Spiritual Development

Join us for an opportunity to be silent and a chance to retreat. What’s there to do at a silent… More >

Find a Generous Path at First Church

Personal & Spiritual Development

For a time, I volunteered at the Freeport Area Church Cooperative (FACC), a homeless shelter and food pantry in the… More >

Giving Attention: Purest Form of Generosity

Personal & Spiritual Development

During Journey to Membership, one of the exercises we do in pairs is to tell someone about a time when… More >

Give Generously, Receive Abundance

Personal & Spiritual Development

In our First Church Journey to Membership classes, we ask our new members to tell a story of a time… More >

Come Hear (and Tell!) Sabbatical Stories

Personal & Spiritual Development

On Sunday October 8 at 1:00 p.m., join us in Max Otto Hall for Sabbatical Stories! Rev. Jennifer will share… More >