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Annual Pledge Drive 2023

WONDER  Every Sunday our doors and our YouTube channel are open to all in need of comfort, awakening, and wonder.

CONNECTION & JUSTICE  Every Youth Service we are impressed by the depth and compassion expressed by our young people who explore, from a very young age, their own sense of the spiritual and the ethical. Our adult members and friends continue this exploration via spiritual practice, reflection, and social justice groups – deepening connection within, among, and beyond.

LOVE  Every year our Pastoral Care Team makes over 100 visits within on-going relationships between those in need and these trained volunteers. But this is just one aspect of care in our community. Intentional listening in small groups, meeting check[1]ins, members who reach out to one another; caring is part of the atmosphere of First Church and is intentionally supported in everything we do.

SUSTAIN OUR NOW!  Please help us sustain our programs by considering a 10% increase to your financial pledge to this community next year. Please know how grateful we are to have you as a part of this community. Deadline Sunday March 19.



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