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Apply for Financial Assistance to GA 2023

You may apply for financial assistance from the church to help you attend General Assembly (GA) this year, June 21-25. You may attend either in person in Pittsburgh, PA or virtually from Milwaukee. Enough people have expressed interest in what promises to be a good conference that we are taking applications for financial assistance. Assistance is also available through the UUA: registration information is here: Financial support information is here:

We are able to pay some expenses for our 13 delegates. As in years past, there will be priorities for funding. Persons will receive a portion of their registration and possibly a small portion of expenses (depending on the number of applications received) in the following priority order: (1) youth active in our youth group. (2) BIPOC church members (3) Young adult church members (under age 40) (4) adults not in the preceding categories. In each category, first-time attendees will receive preference.

This year, two extremely important matters will be decided by GA delegates: election of our UUA President and debate plus a vote on the principles and purposes of our Association.

Contact Bruce Wiggins for an application form and further information.

Bruce Wiggins, Denominational Affairs Coordinator


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