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Social Justice, Personal & Spiritual Development

Being an Agent of Change During the Season of Change

by Cesar Cornier, Social Justice Coordinator.

As we approach this transition into fall, I always look forward to seeing the leaves turn bright crimson and orange before they shed off the trees. I am reminded of change all around me, and with this new opportunity here at First Church I am in a season of change. Autumn is a time where we see nature break down before us with shorter days and colder nights, yet we welcome it. We embrace fall for its unique transition and acknowledge the sacred pattern of growth, which often begins from starting over. I look forward to growing more internally, as well as with you all, in this community.

This past month I have been meeting with members of the Social Justice Council in learning more about what First Church has done to fight against injustices, and I am eager to work with such a dedicated team. I look forward to building with the congregation, and I am ready to serve the community by standing in solidarity against oppression. If you are interested in learning more about how First Church is involved with Social Justice, every Sunday after both services someone will be at the Social Justice Table with information on the current events and groups. We have DVDs available for people to rent as well as various sign up sheets for the social justice groups if you are interested in volunteering.

Autumn reminds us of how beautiful and vital change is, and I look forward to creating change with you all.


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