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Christmas Eve Receptions-Treats & Helpers Needed

Our holiday reception tradition is back! YAY! Knock-on-wood regarding COVID counts. Please help us treat guests, visitors, members (and staff too) to a festive Christmas spread.

Consider sharing a plate of cookies, a cake, or a sweet or savory holiday favorite from your home. A sign-up sheet to bring Christmas Eve Treats will be at the Member Services Table starting the first Sunday in December or email Lynne.

We also need extraordinarily helpful elves to help organize the receptions. The job entitles help decorating (day/time to be mutually determined), help picking up a few supplies, and covering one hour the night of Christmas Eve (restocking the bounty and picking up a bit). It’s a fun service to our community that friends, partners, or a family with older kids can contribute as a team.

Ready to wear green leggings? Or have further questions? Email or call Membership Development Coordinator Lynne at  or 414.273.5257 x 205.

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