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Connect at Beer Garden Sundays

Just in time for Summer, our June theme is delight – and heaven knows we need it. The word even sits in the mouth lightly and as our communities heal from isolation while skimming heartbreaking headlines striving for anything more substantial, “joy“ for example feels like too much of an ask. But delight? My dog, with one acrobatic frisbee catch, elicits a moment, a smile, of delight!

And, for me, watching as this congregation arrives back each Sunday morning since COVID, yes. Still delighted to be back.

Inspired by the Earth Justice Ministry’s offering of Rock and Roll Walks on the second Saturday of each month, and the delight of seeing each other again, the Membership Team is sponsoring Beer Garden Sundays on the fourth weekend of June, July, and August.

Stop by and enjoy each other’s delighted, unmasked, grins of welcome. Hang around for a cool drink (beer optional), a brat, or your own picnic. Bring your family, friends, dog. Bring a frisbee on June 26 Estabrook Park (more details tbd).

Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator

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