The Wellspring program is seeking new participants for the 2023-24 church year. An information session will be held on Sunday, June 18, at 11:00 am in Max Otto Hall. A current participant writes about her First Church Wellspring experience:

“Last year, I considered leaving the church. What used to sustain me at church — the people! — wasn’t making up for the fact that my spiritual life felt barren. I feared I was not spiritually equipped to change my ways of living in this world.

Then I attended a summer service where I heard about the Wellspring program. Church members shared their experience of dipping into UU’s six sources of spirituality and wisdom. A long meditative song by Deva Primal was played. I was moved and I jumped in.

In the Wellspring program, we examine each source’s history, provocative questions, surprises, and meaning for our lives. We use the sources as a lens to explore the human experiences of joy, crisis, forgiveness, and death. The program reinvigorated my passion for our UU faith.” —Sarah Fowles


Won’t you dive in? To learn more about the Wellspring program, please attend the information session or contact Diane Horne.

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