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Endowment Fund Task Force Update

Here’s a brief update from the Endowment Fund Task Force planning team. Since we began meeting at the end of January, we’ve been focusing on two major areas:

  1. Governance of the endowment
  2. Investment management of the endowment

In discussions of governance, protection of endowment principle and a very long term investment horizon are our guiding stars. The team unanimously agrees that a trust document needs to be developed to define the appropriate governance policies and structure, and install the necessary guardrails. Many details remain to be sorted out in this area with the help of a qualified attorney.

Regarding an investment advisor, we have interviewed several investment advisory firms (including the UU Common Endowment Fund where the Memorial Trust Fund is currently invested) and are following up with some of them where answers to our uniform questions were not sufficiently answered.

We will be making a presentation on May 21 at our Annual Meeting and look forward to discussing our progress with you then.

Dave Becker & Elizabeth Lentinti, Co-chairs

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