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Endowment Fund Task Force Update February

Amidst the holiday cheer and Winter Storm Gerri, the elves at the Endowment Fund Task Force (EFTF), the Board of Trustees (BOT), and the Nominating Committee have been hard at work. Here’s a quick update:

  • In December, the BOT gave the nod to a nearly final Trust Agreement. The EFTF will add the finishing touches based on BOT feedback.
  • Nominating the three initial Trustees is in full swing. Interviews happened during the latter part of December. The Nominating Committee is proceeding with the process and will be working with the BOT.
  • Looking ahead, the EFTF will focus on effectively communicating the entire governance structure to the congregation once everything is in place.

Members on the EFTF team: Dave Becker, George Bledsoe, Tom Briscoe, Elizabeth Lentini, Ron Oshima, and Kathy Rivera.

By Ron Oshima, EFTF member


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