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Social Justice

Worthy Now-STP Feb 2024

As a Unitarian Universalist Congregation with no geographical boundary, the Church of the Larger Fellowship creates global spiritual community rooted in profound love, which cultivates wonder, imagination, and the courage to act.

This month, First Church is honored to support the Worthy Now Prison Ministry program of the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF). It includes individuals, groups, and communities of faith called to recognize the worth and dignity of incarcerated peoples. Everyone is inherently Worthy Now of love and justice.

The over 3000 members of the CLF include more than 1700 people who are living in prisons across the United States. Some were already UUs, but the majority learned about Unitarian Universalism by being connected to the CLF by their peers.

The Worthy Now Network shares its goals with the whole of the CLF: to Connect, Deepen, and Act on our Unitarian Universalist values. Worthy Now provides resources through five main programs, the Letter Writing Ministry, correspondence faith development classes, Reading Packets, monthly publications, and a pastoral care correspondence program. This is the link for those who would like to become a Worthy Now Pen Pal

Contribute securely online at this link, or mail or bring your check to First Church made payable to “Worthy Now.”  We’ll forward your contribution to them.

by Lynde Uihlein, STP Committee Member

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