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Memorial Service Receptions Co-Leader Needed

Several years ago, I became aware that First Church lacked what I thought could be an important ministry and one that I could see my loved ones availing themselves of in the future – offering to provide food and host memorial service receptions at our church.

For several years thereafter First Church offered just that. Only the COVID pandemic caused the suspension of these services. What I didn’t realize at the beginning was how fulfilling it would be for me personally to provide this ministry. At age 84, I am no longer the coordinator, and passed the baton to Jacki Zandi. Jacki would like a co-coordinator. Please consider the description below and contact Jacki if you are interested.

What does coordinating a reception entail?

1) Being contacted by our ministers when a family would appreciate our services at a reception following a memorial service;

2) Contact the deceased’s family spokesperson to discuss what types of food: finger foods, sweets only, small bites, simple buffet?

3) Decide how much food is needed, based on the family’s estimate of attendance;

5) Contact members on our list with requests for food donations;

6) Organize and set up the food on the day of the memorial service.

Jacki is updating the list of church members who are potential food donors for this important ministry. Please contact Jacki Zandi with your thoughts and offers of assistance. Let’s make 2024 the year when we revitalize this ministry!

by Sharon DePue

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