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Personal & Spiritual Development

Give Generously, Receive Abundance

In our First Church Journey to Membership classes, we ask our new members to tell a story of a time when they gave a gift, and it changed them. The stories pour forth: people will tell stories of giving to children and parents, friends and loved ones, and strangers. And they tell about how in the giving they received something beautiful. Can you remember a time when giving a gift changed you?

There is a mutually reinforcing relationship between experiencing generosity and abundance. When we approach giving joyfully, it reinforces our experience of abundance. We both feel the blessing of being able to give, and we strengthen our connection with the person, family, or community to which we are giving. It increases our experience of having abundance in our own lives, as well as increases our experience of belonging and relationship.

In this month where we explore the theme of generosity in our lives and faith, may you experience a positive feedback loop between giving and receiving. May you and your loved ones be held in love, give generously to one another and the world, and experience abundance.

With love,
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

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