Our Earth Justice Ministry (EJM) Team shepherded us through a great Earth Month, a.k.a. April.

Thank you to all who participated.

  • The congregation wrote postcards – Did we ever! About 1,000 – and we donated most of the cash for the stamps we applied. EJM added about $65 to what we collected. The Environmental Voter Project allowed us, led by Citizens Climate Lobby, to apply their methods to Wisconsin.
  • We watched excellent films from the one Earth Film Festival, a Chicago-based organization that made the two films “Patrol” and “Carbon: The Unauthorized Biography” available to us for modest fees (less than a movie ticket) for each of the 5 residential viewing sites. Excellent discussions followed at each location.
  • We soaked up nature’s blessings as we moseyed and rolled through Estabrook Park. The chirping of the birds was absolutely delightful that beautiful day.
  • Many of us gathered to join Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s annual river-clean-up. We were encouraged that our efforts would keep trash from ending up in the lake, our source of drinking water.

We celebrate all of you and the interdependent web of which we are all a part.

Terry Wiggins, Co-Chair, Environmental Justice Ministry

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