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Social Justice

Hanan Refugees Relief-STP Summer 2024

The Hanan Refugees Relief Group is an international charitable organization with an active branch in Wisconsin. Dedicated to both short- and long-term solutions, the organization provides social services that include the problem of food insecurity as well as English as a Second Language programs for adults.

Their goal is to transition refugees into contributing members of their host communities by providing long-term solutions, such as housing, labor opportunities, and medical relief.

The group consists of dedicated volunteers that join together for the sole purpose of aiding refugees and people in need.  Staff and volunteers help with the mentoring, shopping, housing, employment, and health care.

100% of donations go directly towards charitable supplies. All overhead, including travel and administrative expenses, are paid for by the volunteers. Volunteers are welcome, including youth to babysit during the ESL classes.

Learn more at

Contribute securely online at this link, or mail or bring your check to First Church made payable to: Hanan Refugees Relief Group.  We’ll forward your contribution to them.

Lynde Uihlein, Share the Plate Team

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