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Social Justice

“Love is Community”

By Cesar Cornier, Social Justice Coordinator.

It all started on a late Thursday night. I was in the office finishing up some paperwork, packing up as I heard the lovely sound of piano keys fluttering in the distance. It was Jack Forbes Wilson, playing some melodies in the Sanctuary. As he was also packing up and getting ready to leave I thanked him for playing such amazing music, from one musician to the next. It did not occur to me that from my conversation I would be performing alongside him the following week.

Without knowing how my music was, or how we were going to go about collaborating, he told me this will go perfect in talking about community. I was so thankful for the opportunity, but also nervous and curious on how our performance would go. How will people react? What will I be performing? Those questions kept me up a few nights until I was listening to a melody I created and began saying “There’s unity in love, community is us.” I kept repeating it over and over, as the words increasingly resonated with my heart. I began to think about the various communities I am a part of, and how love is at the center of growth and understanding.

The following Sunday it was time to perform. With a packed house and only one rehearsal prior, I was going through every possibility of failure in my mind. As I came on Sunday morning, I was immediately greeted by all of the choir and musicians, and my worries became diminished as my support increased.

The performance was amazing! I felt blessed and appreciated to be able to share my musical expression. I truly believe that I did well, not only because of skill but because of the community that supported me and let me show up as my authentic self. When we do things out of love we build not only communities, but we create space for love within ourselves.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb


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