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Social Justice

Nearby Nature MKE-STP Feb 2023

February Share the Plate

Nearby Nature Milwaukee is our February Share the Plate partner.  Nearby Nature is an environmental justice and equity initiative to build healthier and more resilient communities.  A grant from the Sierra Club Foundation enabled them to start up in the Fall of 2017.  They now operate under the fiscal sponsorship of the Milwaukee Environmental Consortium.

Recognizing a great need in neighborhoods stressed by high poverty and injustice, the group concentrates its efforts on Milwaukee’s 30th Street Corridor and the Lincoln Creek Greenway.

They build partnerships and direct their efforts in four main areas to have positive impact in the lives of our neighbors.

BUILD COMMUNITY: To celebrate and support the environmental movement in Milwaukee’s communities of color.

OUTINGS AND STEWARDSHIP: To promote renewal and stewardship of land and access to natural areas in the 30th Street Corridor and Lincoln Creek Greenway.

YOUTH EDUCATION: To support environmental education in youth servicing agencies in these neighborhoods.

ADDRESSING RACISM: To address the history of systematic racism and non-inclusiveness in the environmental movement.

Learn more about these efforts and ways in which you can help at

Nearby Nature relies heavily on private donations from people like us. Contribute securely online at this link or mail your check to First Church made payable to Milwaukee Environmental Consortium (their fiscal sponsor).  We’ll forward your contribution to them.

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