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Religious Education

Parents as Sexuality Educators Monthly Group

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We are pleased to announce the return of our monthly parenting sessions on sexuality education for children. These 90-minute sessions are designed to help parents and caregivers explore their role as the primary sexuality educators of their children. Led by experienced facilitators Rev. Kimberlee, Deb Solis, and Rollie Hanson, we will meet on the second Thursday each month via Zoom, plus additional dates on October 26, January 18 and February 29.

During these sessions, we will use a small group ministry format to engage with topics such as Gender Identity, Relationships, Social Media, Unintended Pregnancy, and Consent.

We understand that many adults struggle to effectively and confidently share information and attitudes about sexuality with their children, often due to their own experiences, perspectives, and worries. Our sessions aim to provide a supportive and courageous environment where parents and caregivers can find the necessary tools and guidance to overcome these challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become the most important sexuality educator your children will have. Join our monthly sessions on sexuality education for children and start building a strong foundation for your child’s healthy sexual development.

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