Remember, Rekindle, Renew 

The Pledge Team is asking members and friends to reflect on your own response to the words “Remember, Rekindle and Renew” for the 2022 pledge drive which kicks off March 6. Sundays are back in-person! The perfect time to recommit to our community, our values, and our faith. 

Ours is a community of memory and hope. We have sung, worshiped, celebrated, and mourned together since 1842. We are a community that built a beautiful church, warmly welcomed each of us, teaches an inclusive theology, and carries forward a long legacy of Social Justice. 

We are a community that weaves memories of both joy and sorrow, with a practice of hope. We are a resilient community. 

Join the Pledge Team in recommitting to First Church in yet another time of transition, gathering together again in a new world. 

Pledge Drive Kickoff March 6Celebration Sunday March 27

Find information or to pledge now here.

Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator

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