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Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior MinisterBy the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom

I am so grateful to all the members of our congregation and the community who joined us for the post-election ritual and processing on Wednesday, Nov 9. It was an important night for us to gather together. We were in different stages of grief: some folks were in shock; some were angry; some were tear-filled; and some were frightened. We were all in need of one another, and the comfort that comes from being together. I learned from you how much you are hurting right now, the grief you have for yourselves, your people, and this world. And I was inspired. I was inspired by how much you care. I was inspired to fight for the things we love. I am going to recommit my life to justice, to the earth, to being in solidarity with marginalized communities. I am going to recommit myself to nurturing and sustaining life—the life of our community, of my own heart, and of the world. I am grateful to be in this with you. I’ll see you on Sunday. –Jennifer


First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee  is a home for spiritual community, social justice, and intellectual freedom, active in Milwaukee since 1842. Unitarian Universalism is an inclusive denomination; core principles include recognition of the worth and dignity of every person; respect for the interdependent web of existence; and the goal of world peace, liberty and justice.

The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom is First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee’s Senior Minister. Jennifer is primarily responsible for worship, mission, vision, leadership, prophetic witness, and congregational systems. She is also head of staff at First Church.

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