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Social Justice

Share the Plate January-Project RETURN

Project RETURN is our January 2022 Share the Plate partner.

Project RETURN (Returning Ex-incarcerated people To Urban Realities and Neighborhoods) exists to help men and women make a positive, permanent return to community, family, and friends.

Project RETURN’s staff helps clients overcome barriers created by incarceration to help aid in a successful reentry. Programs offered address the direct needs of those served, working to increase the prospects of success and lower the chances of recidivism.

Often people come to Project RETURN at a time of crisis—not looking beyond their immediate needs. Experienced staff members, most of whom are formerly incarcerated individuals, work one-on-one with clients to help them navigate through the moment and look beyond that situation to “next steps.”

Whether a client needs assistance with housing, employment, alcohol/other drug abuse, or simply someone to vent to, they are welcomed at Project RETURN. For more information visit their website at

Contributions can be made securely online at the First Church link here or mail your check to First Church made payable to Project Return. We will forward all contributions to Project RETURN.

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