It was only a plan, but a plan we counted on, to be able to open for in-person Sunday worship in our beloved sanctuary in early February. When I count on something good happening, I am very disappointed when plans need to change. Sounds like the story of the pandemic! We think we have a sense of what is happening now and what might happen in the future, then things change. The COVID-19 virus changes more rapidly than human-made plans.

I don’t know what to compare this moment in our community’s life to—the “anticipation” ketchup commercial? The Ground Hog’s Day movie? How are you doing, dear ones? You’ve been very patient, loving and adaptable throughout these almost two years since the virus entered Milwaukee. It’s normal to feel frustrated, disappointed, sad or angry when good plans are postponed. It’s important now to keep the faith. We will be together again in 3-D soon.

At the liberal Christian seminary I attended, we said and sang the phrase “soon and very soon.” I don’t remember the rest of the content. It was probably about looking forward to the resurrection or reunion with Jesus or the coming of God’s Kingdom at last. At any rate, it was a joyful song.

To tide us over this temporary delay, perhaps it would be fun to name what we are most looking forward to at our 3-D reunion in our beautiful church building? “Soon, and very soon, we will _________.” Fill in the blank. Soon and very soon, we will see how tall each other’s children are. Soon and very soon, we will say “is that you?” under the mask and grey hair. Soon and very soon, we will hear the happy sound of babies’ cries and parents’ shushes. Soon and very soon, we will hear the glad sound of children clattering down the stairs to the Young Room for Religious Education. Soon and very soon, we will bump into someone in the church hallway who we haven’t seen on Zoom and get caught up with their life.

How are you keeping the faith?


Rev. Dena McPhetres, Associate Minister

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